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Crafting an insight for businesses with artificial intelligence

Rivelat is a tech startup company in the field of AI (artificial intelligence).  It uses cognitive APIs to detect faces, identities and emotions through real-time video analysis and collects the bigdata for helping companies gain better understanding of their customers. And the field of face recognition is just a beginning, in the future, it will explore wide into many other aspects of AI, to bring more truth and insights to the light. We have created the logo, brand identity, visual system from scratch. During our immersion, we started from exploring the meaning behind the brand, the mission and vision, the company value, brand purpose, and the reason why. We refined all the answers into a clear list and we were ready to develop the brand identity from the core to the surface. After a couple rounds of prototyping, we have come down to the drafts that were closest to the ideal.

logo design process

Cut to the chase

We have come to a decision to make the company logo as a simple, meaningful and memorable icon, and not using any logotype at all. The message is more clarified, powerful and profound. We want the icon to have multiple indications and senses while at the same time maintaining a minimal form. So during the ideation, we combined all the letters of RIVELAT in a shared space and created an icon with implications of R, I, V, L, A. As we moved forward to the final drafts, we had a hand-drawn draft and one that contains the triangle shape(truth). In the end, we nailed down to the version with more significance and aesthetical balance.

logo design anatomy

logo with tagline design

Expect the truth, revealed

Rivelat means "Reveal" in Latin. To reveal the truth is a constant mission that the company will hold in the long-term. It would acts as a light, that shines in the darkness, illuminating the truth.  The tagline simply extends the meaning one step further. We have defined the brand personality as "mature but not boring, simple, self-confident, sense of certainty (safe)".

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