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An identity that possesses the power to inspire and bringing convenience that can change the world.

Fixar is a home appliance service company that offers on-demand professional repair and installation services in Switzerland. We have the opportunity to work with Fixar to research, refine and develop the identity and corporate visual system. During our immersion, we find out Fixar's aspiration is not just to offer quality services but it holds a much higher purpose and has an inspirational story.

logo design

logo design


Align the values, purpose, beliefs. A good brand speaks.

"The world is consuming too fast, people chase for the NEW and discard their electronics at the slightest defect and inconvenience. But it is not just the indifference of the consumers, the economics is pushing the iteration and the e-waste, making products that are not to last. And when you are throwing away such a giant piece of electronic goods, where do you think it will end up?" Fixar brings this value proposition and message to the audience, to remind the people to have a second thought about environmental care before discard. And they are operating in accordance with the brand values and beliefs to prevents the electronic waste and its severe consequences. At the same time, as an enterprise, the company stands for orderly, meticulousness, quality and convenience. We found the brand personality is very much in alignment with the Swiss spirit. So we have decided on using the color code of the Switzerland flag as one of the main colors in the brand's color palette. And we designed the logotype that best describes the brand personality and brand value that holds from within. A style of modern, orderly, sans-serif font, with the well-designed curves, carefully carved. It diminishes the sharpness and manifests care and a big heart.

website design

An organizational culture and vision that lead to create a better world

We have worked closely with the leadership team to develop a strong and clear brand identity, a visual language that represents the company's shared vision and proposition. And we extended the design of the visual system to signage, uniform branding, corporate car design and digital web platform design. The brand's authenticity shines from within, and it is shown, through the branding, the action, the messages it conveys during each communication, and most of all, an aligned organizational culture. At the core of the business operation, is the drive engine of care, a strong sense of responsibility, and a prospect of a better future. And the whole branding experience is proven to be more than just an intensive research, analysis, development, design process, but an educational, inspirational and meaningful journey.

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