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The passcode to luxury fashion exclusively for the retailers

Miko is an international trading and PR representative for Italian luxury fashion. It offers tailor-made selection of brands and advisory services for its large network of franchising multi-brand store owners and retailers. Bcbrandesign is a partner company of Miko Fashion Group, and so we have redesigned, developed and implemented the brand and corporate identity system, as well as the logo design, web design and the brand messaging for Miko. Even though we know very well about Miko, we stuck with our procedure from a strategic analysis of the corporate's businesses, brand architecture, the brand philosophy, company mission, brand values, personality, etc, to formed a well-refined background profile of the company that is crucial for us to shape our perspectives more clearly for navigation of the design direction.

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The challenge

As a key role in the top pyramid of the luxury fashion industry, agencies like Miko has strong disciplines, and typically a high standard of fashion and aesthetic taste. Therefore, the branding process with companies in the high fashion industry is destinate to be a more difficult one. And we got prepared for this challenge.

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Brand Messaging Matters

In oppose to a product-based company who can show their products and features, for a service-based company, brand messaging becomes extremely important. How to develop a value proposition that is clear and relevant, brand tone and language that is strong, genuine, motivating, and at the same time, stay true to itself? To solve this problem, we went through series of research, analysis, intensive debate during the immersion before refining all the answers. In the end, we managed to connect all the touch points with the brand personality, values, purpose, vision. And presented it with a highly abbreviated and simplified communication through the website and other marketing contents.

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The invisible bridge

Instead of being merely a service company, Miko's value proposition stands at a higher point. "We think of our job as a bridge between you and the top fashion". As a distributor and a spokesperson for luxury fashion, Miko has endless passionate about fashion, an impeccable taste, and a penetrating insight of the markets. And it wants to contribute behind the scenes, to share its expertise and experience to guide more and more retailers to make better choices that will eventually benefit the mass public.

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