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If you have a small business — which you probably do, since you’re reading this article — you already know that logos are an incredibly important part of growing your brand. No matter how small you start, you can always aim high. And visual branding, especially your logo, is the springboard that leads to growth.

Perhaps you already know the inspiration behind your logo: nature, resilience, and sustainable growth. You may have already even chosen the image of an evergreen tree to represent the qualities behind your company.

But how do you know what type of logo to choose for your business? What one will stand the test of time and grow with your brand?

That really depends on the type of business you have, and the message you want to send. But here in this article, we’ve compiled some “evergreen” logo designs of different varieties. Each variety is broken down by what message the logo sends to the viewer, so you can match the logo style to your individual company.


Time and time again, logo design keeps circling back to the “simple is better” school of thought. This is actually found across the board for a lot of branding visuals, but it’s especially important with logos, since they need to send a clear message with a limited amount of space.

Look at a mobile application on your phone and you’ll get a fair idea of how a simple icon can work wonder as a logo. Simple software logos, or for any business for that matter, are achieved by using only a few elements in total. And even if you are working on a logo redesign, you can simplify your existing logo by removing elements or even just removing lines from the image, and reducing the amount of colors in use.

A simple logo promotes the idea of a company which is very focused on what they do, without a lot of extras and distraction.


A perennial favorite in terms of logos is the “hand-drawn” look. This is such a classic because hand-drawn elements have a unique style to them which really belongs to the individual company.

hand-drawn logo designs

Image: hand-drawn logos

Regardless of the actual image which you have chosen for your logo, a hand-drawn main element is a good way to transform even a generic option into something special, making your logo a stand-out representation of your company.

A hand-drawn logo is a good choice for a small business that wants to emphasize the “hands-on” element of their customer service or the uniqueness of the products and services they offer.

Black And White

Speaking of removing colors, it’s hard to get more classic than black and white logos. While colors can stand out with bright colors, a black and white choice is very striking. This is especially true with a silhouette image.

Black and white logos are elegant, simple, and distinguished. They definitely send the message of a polished, composed, well-ordered small business.

Geometric Shape

There are a few ways that you could go with a geometric shape logo. You could choose a geometric shape, like a triangle, for the actual image of the logo itself. This type of logo combines well with other variants, such as being hand-drawn.

Geometric Shape logo design

Image: geometric logo

You could also introduce the geometric element as the “frame” for the logo as a whole. Many logos use an overall circle, square, or triangle shape to frame the internal elements of the logo, including the graphic and company name.

Framed logos have a more polished, finished look. Geometric shapes, in general, are very popular as logo options, because they are easy to render and duplicate, and are easily recognizable, which makes them easier to remember.


For any image option that you’re considering for your logo design, you have a raft of color options as well. An ever-popular choice is a color gradient, such as is seen on Instagram’s current app logo.

Gradients are great ways to add depth and visual interest to an otherwise simple or plain logo.

Since they have a “retro” vibe, they’re definitely in vogue for brands with a classic, vintage personality.

Three Dimensional

This type of logo has seen a resurgence in recent years, giving it that “evergreen” quality of returning to popularity over and over.

3D logos give a lot of visual interest to a small area, and are a great way to add a note of the cutting-edge to a logo — even though it’s a trend that has returned to design over and over again over the last several decades.

Evergreen Logos And Your Business

Whatever your business, it’s understandable that you would want an “evergreen” logo. (And sometimes, a logo with a literal evergreen element!) After all, we want the visual representation of our brand to tell people that we are here to stay, to flourish, and to grow.

And regardless of which type of logo included here you end up choosing, all of them say exactly that.