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1. Create A Good Post Title

Highlight your post with an interesting title, if your title can make us feel curious, you are half way there!

2. Write Great Contents

You can choose between the two categories listed below. Find the specific requirements accordingly. All written contents must be related to the topic of design and branding. Write something new and different! Include a link to your portfolio website, bio or social if you want.

3. Submit The Full Article

Send your full article to submit.bcdesign@gmail.com. We will get back in touch with you if your submission is featured. We reserve the right to edit and selectively showcase the materials you submit, for a better reading experience.

Word Focused —Share Your Thoughts On Design And Branding

The ideal length for the post is between 800-1000 words. A minimum of 300 words is required. You can talk about a hot new trend in the design industry, your design/branding related experience that may be interesting to others, or a design-topic book you have read or written recently. Share your thought with the world’s most creative minds.

Graphic Focused —Showcase Your Design

The ideal length for this topic is between 500-800 words. Here we feature works from the world’s best designers to emerging new talents. You can send us your award-winning logo design in the logo roundups, or let your typography, UI, branding or other designs get better known around. Photos or graphics should be in the lightest possible format. The suggested format for graphic is svg, for photo: jpg/png. And we will selectively showcase them if there are too many files. Please attach a press release if possible.