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Logo design is no doubt the most essential part when it comes to branding and rebranding. A logo design can make or break a brand. Many startups and companies don't understand the importance and impact of the logo. By using auto-generated logomaker or free logo creating service instead of professional branding service, what you get at the end is just an overly used template with your company name inside. Speaking about differentiation and standing out among your competitors, this strategy doesn't really seem to be effective. Behind creating a successful logo design, there are many parts that come into play. Here at our branding agency, we have our unique approach in building a successful brand identity, this method can be used in both branding and rebranding. Starting from research and analysis, developing the 3 brand strategies, which set the keystones and core values of the company (brand mission, vision and purpose). Then in the second phase, after refining the design principles (brand voice, personality), we can then start to develop the brand identity basics, which includes the brand name, logo, icons, graphic elements, color palette and typography system. Subsequently, we can develop the brand identity extensions, which is the usage of the brand identity during the daily communications internally and externally, during marketing and advertisement, etc.  Branding-Approach-Branding-Strategy_bcbrandesign We help companies, startups, hotels, sports, personal brands from Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherland, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, and countries all over the world to do professional logo design, branding, rebranding and advertising. We love to help companies, startups and corporates to build their businesses into "brands".


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