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Mission Statement

"What's your company's purpose, mission and vision?" are the three most important questions to answer as the starting point for strategic branding. Every great company has a written mission statement and vision statement to articulate the company's ambition, values and believes. Brand mission, is the strategic and inspiring goal of what the company wants to achieve. It is a higher purpose your company serves as an organization that brings values to the worlds. In what way or what part you play in making the world a better place. To grow profits is simply not the answer. There are many companies that don't have a brand purpose or a mission statement. Some of them are profitable, however, they may find it difficult to connect and build trust with the customers, constantly they may even have problems making the employees understand where are they heading to and why should they put in efforts besides for their paychecks. All these problems can be solved by having a purposeful, authentic and inspiring brand mission. It gives a clear goal and mission to a company, which attracts people and customers that resonate with your company's values and believes, and internally bonds your employees by having a clear vision of what you stand for. No matter you are a new-born company that needs a branding or an established corporate looking to rebrand, you need to find a higher purpose brand mission. As it is also a fundamental part of your brand messaging. Here are some examples of brand mission and mission statements that bcbrandesign has helped refined: