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Packaging Design Concept — The idea of "Green"

Rollton is one of the leaders of food production and one of the most famous brands of noodles in Russian market and among CIS countries. As a long-term partner with Rollton, we created and developed many amazing projects together from Brand Identity, Strategy, Logo Design to Packaging Design, 3D modeling, and much more. One of the projects we did here, is Packaging Design for Rollton Hash brown (Роллтон Хашбраун). The product consists of 4 SKUs, 4 flavours. Here is one of the testing concepts in the first round of our selections. The packaging design concept highlights the idea of "Green".

Packaging Design Concept — The Idea Of

The challenge

Rollton is a mega brand with various categories of products and sub-brands. At the beginning of the project, we were thinking to put this product into a new sub-brand. The brand architecture of the brand was in question, and constantly being under reviewed when a new product come into place. A clear brand architecture that is easy to understand and comprehend by the mass consumer is necessary and essential in building the product portfolio and brand architecture. Our job was to design the product that fit into the brand architecture, but at the same time bring new ideas and freshness into the brand.


"Green" — The new and the modern

Our attempt in this concept was to come up with a new look following the same brand architecture. We referenced a similar product in this category - the Rollton Mashed Potatoes. This existing product in the brand is also a cooking product that is easy to prepare and easy to cook. The current design was a centered layout structure, with the brand logo on top, product title, and other product information, with a colored texture background, followed by a big appetizing food zone at the bottom of the packaging design. We chose very joyful typography and icons to highlight the "easy to cook" feature and value proposition. The concept turned out to be exactly how we planned, it fits into the brand architecture by having a similar layout and design structure, but at the same time, seems modern and easy. The concept in the end seems new and fresh.


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