What we do


Rebranding is not just an update of the logo design, when your brand identity doesn't correspond to your brand vision, personality and brand messaging, when your visual identity doesn't attract your target audience anymore, or your target customers has changed, those are some of the signs telling you: you need a rebranding. Rebranding is a very tricky task that may either refresh your company that leads to a rocket growth in your business or results in a big loss in customers and market position. Rebranding needs the strategic steps and process to align the past, present, and future, re-create a new identity that connects with the customers and at the same time being authentic. Unlike all the other branding agencies, here at bcbrandesign, we do not merely the designs, but before that, we work with a comprehensive branding strategy from a business and marketing point of view, and maximize the result to make sure it will lead to a positive influence and bring your business to the next level.