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Healthy Eating On the Go, Rebranding for Rollberry

The busy lifestyle of modern people sometimes makes healthy eating difficult to keep up. When it comes to meals, convenient and fast is usually the way to go for people nowadays. That's why Rollberry is trying to give solutions that combines both healthiness and easiness. Rollberry is the new healthy brand of foods that values your time and your health. Designed for busy modern consumers who wants a fast meal that is instant and nutritious. The first category the brand wants to be known for, is the instant porridges. It is a traditional breakfast, or an ideal snack choice that can be fun, easy to eat and packed with all the energy, nutritions your body needs. The innovative part, is that it comes in a cup, that you can eat it on the go, anytime, anywhere.


The challenge

Bcbrandesign was challenged with the task to rebrand Rollberry. To rethink from the perspectives of the consumers, what would have been the brand they need, and how will it look like? The previous logo was in brown color, with curvy elements and a leaf. The style was very feminine and bakery like. As the key target audience was 64% women aged 25-34, we need to design the brand to be more appealing to women. But we need to also remember the 37% men as the audience. As required from the rebranding project, the logo needs to be more trendy, the color of the brand should be redesigned, and integrate a berry in the logo instead of a leaf. These are among the biggest challenge and questions we have to solve when we rebrand the logo.





New logo and new identity

We initially tried various different color palettes and brand colors, such as navy blue, less saturated dark berry blue, white and so on. In the end, after some rounds of color choosing and profiling, we settled with the client on Crimson — a color between red and pink, a color of love, passion and loveliness. And for the logo, we used an Arc warp shaped text to write out Rollberry, and we placed the berry that the client wanted on the letter O. The composition of the logo in the Arc warp shape makes the brand seem more reliable and trustworthy. The berry and the color makes the brand seem very lovable and passionate. It is a perfect solution as the base that speaks for the target mission and vision of the brand, this logo tells exactly that story for the brand without words and description, it's all there shown, from the logo design itself.


The New Packaging

It is an innovative way to eat porridge. The easy to go packaging format prepared in a cup is a new way of packaging for the porridge, yet we need to make comparison to some similar categories of food products when we research and re-imagine how the packaging design should look like. The previous packaging design has a transparent plastic cap and the brief has required to remove it and leaving only the peel-off. The new packaging format we had was more similar to a yoghurt cup packaging with a round bottom. We had the previous design for raspberry, strawberry and peach flavours. We had to redesign the packaging and develop 4 new flavours: blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and peach flavours. Our question about the raspberry and the strawberry was that the previous color code was a bit confusing for us. The strawberry flavour had a fuchsia color code and the raspberry had a more redish color, which in our opinions should be the other way around.

Rollberry-Cereal-Instant-Porridge-flavors Packaging_Design

Before and After

Instant porridge is the ideal breakfast, and your friend for your digestive system. It is like a clock that runs in the background that help you get your energy for the day. So we had the idea to combine a clock concept into the packaging design. It also reminds you of fast, and instant. So we layout the flavours and the oat into a quarter of a clock shape, wrapping the bottom part of the packaging. We left out the carton texture of the previous design, as the new packaging format is very rounded, liquid and fluid. And with a simple concept, the packaging layout and composition can be simplified, clear and straightforward. Next, we made the key visual, the advertisement with the hero product - strawberry flavour. With 3D modeling and 3D rendering, we built the packaging of the product in cup. We made a series of lifestyle images for social media contents to highlight the brand and this hero product. The scenes were immersed in the atmosphere of pinkish and flowers, strawberries and oats. We also made an main advertisement in large print size, of the cup made out of grains of oats and strawberry flakes, scooping out from the cup, is a spoon with the ready-to-eat instant porridge.

Rollberry All Flavours