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USP(unique selling proposition) is a short marketing statement that businesses use to convince customers, why their product, service, company or brand is better than its competitors. It usually highlights a unique feature that differentiates them from other competitors. UVP (unique value proposition), sometimes use internally, is a promise of unique benefits and values to be delivered to its customers. It is a business statement that identifies the target customer, the customers' problems, unique benefits/core values, and key competitive advantages. USP and UVP are very important parts of brand messaging. Startups and companies' new product/service usually use its concise USP at the homepage of the website to catch attention and drive conversion. In recent years, USP is used more often than the company slogan. Bcbrandesign helps companies and businesses to develop powerful USP and UVP base on comprehensive analysis and bespoke marketing strategy. We make sure it hits the heart of your target customers and stays in their minds, deeply and persistently.